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shame shame

the sling is lost! it is not good. a series of unfortunate events meant that pants had poo in them and sling was left by the side of the road. NOW how are we going to transport our wayward and wondering toddler? Did I mention that he is a rather determined young man? And how is he supposed to sleep without his portable bed?!!! crisis talks were held, and an emergency mei tai is in at the tailors as we speak. i cut the pieces from memory and the remnants of some cloth i had (luck had) just bought to make wraps for a few pennies to sell back home. Careful labelling, and several drafts of drawings later, me almost bursting into tears when the tailor used two of his twenty words of english to tell me there was “no time”, and he has agreed to save our skin. and we will be mei taiing it for a while…

I’m attempting to put together the last bits of our route south. We are booked half way down as far as bhopal, but the xmas rush kicks in after that (there are christians in the south) and its proving tricky. internet is a gauntlet esp witht he connections and electricity functioning at whim. manual booking means queuing (and being pushed in front of) for some time, and you can only ask about 2 trains at a time. oh just bring me to that beach!!


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Winter time

My hands aren’t working properly. Its too cold, the blanket on our bed has been joined by a very heavy duvet. Last night there was a power cut, we were eating supper with head torches shivering under our shawls!  The mornings are beautiful. Some how the sky in India seems bigger. The sunrise and sunset seems to spread and consume the whole world in a way i havent even noticed in wonderful wide suffolk. Mornings are crisp and clear, sometimes the lower hills are visible in a pink haze, always the trees are silhoueted (sp?!) against the coming sun. There is woodsmoke in the air (the neighbours are lucky/sensible enough to have a fire in their yard which they boil water and lately cook supper. The day begins early, at around 5 the temple begins playing blarey religious music and by that time i’m awake. If rowan lets me and i’m not feeling too lazy i’ve been creeping out of bed for ablutions and a sneaky bit of reading/writing/thinking. Its very good to be awake early in the morning again, something that hasn’t happened since I was a nipper, you know before that laziness sets in when your age is double figures? Now it is icy though, and i could barely write for the cold until there was a big enough patch of sun to defrost my paws!

Off to shop til we drop….

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the latest

its been two months and barely any news have i sent home, ai me. well this will be short, because i have to go and whip a tailor’s behind. we are leaving the tranquility and security of sidhbari in less than a week, exchanging rural torpur for the open road. Not without some trpidation. Travelling is tiring and hectic and Rowan is passionate. You can see his hair stand on end and the meer sniff of new air.  We took a little tiny local train through the mountains the other day. We had boarded ours when another one pulled in….. Rowan’s whole being went rigid focussed completely on what was at the end of his pointing finger, and we spent the next ten minutes pelting up and down the station, his finger doing the talking, and a good while staring at the engine, while the entire train stuck their head out the window to watch. 

Its good to get moving again – this recent jaunt a small taste of what’s to come as we finally went out and saw the rest of our valley. I have preferred to stay put with regular (too regular) missions into town and some ambles in the local area. the village has been interesting enough to keep us going for a while. I imagine something similar when my mum talks about her childhood in rural wales. People still live pretty simply, some in cow dung houses that will not have changed for hundreds of years, others in modern, gaudily decorated cement build jobs indicating their subscription to the 21sy centruy. I know which i prefer.  And yet perhaps we – i – have got a bit too comfortable. I am a little afraid of road fatigue. Take that fear and grrrrowl in its face.

Which is what i must do about this tailor now. It has been over a month and he has forgotten, misplaced and downright screwed up bits of my order. next time i’m bringing patterns. It reached hilarious when a top he made had a wonky neck and when asked to draw on what he would do to fix it, came up with something even more avant garde than before! Pray for me, firends, that i give up this acumulative addiction and take the path of material renunciation.

And also pray that I catch a bus.


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hello world

In the spirit of assuming that more technology and widgets will of course make me a better more organised person, here is my blog. Someone told me that the thoughts i have may be interesting to a wider audience than the pot bubbling on my stove…. we’ll see.  I suspect there will be some experimenting re style I hope, dear reader, you will bear with your author’s imperfections and keep faith, with me, that there is some quality to come.

Pull up a chair, I’ve lit the fire.

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