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Just a quick one to keep things updated: our week with Forager went well and we’ve decided to stay put for a few months. The chance to really get to know the plants is unmissable, and the money will be nice.  I’m looking forward to a nice routine, and to being part of something again.  We have a very understanding landowner who, we think, will be happy to have us for a while, and the village is uber convenient, with Canterbury just 5 minutes away by train!

Its a shame Middle Ruckham will have to wait, but the summer is long and we hope to get down there later in the year, and also to schedule in some visits to the woodland projects I mentioned in my last post, possibly leaving the truck here while we do.

It is interesting how things emerge: we didn’t really know what we’d do when it was time to leave our base in East Sussex, and were very thrown when it didn’t work out at Easter Wood, and yet, out of nowhere, something sweet is emerging.  I like the flow of this river.


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